Smartphones/Tablets for Business

The world is going Mobile. Find out how you can use smartphones, apps and other devices to increase your sales and efficiency.

Smarterphones for Business

Just getting started?

Start from the beginning and learn about some of the amazing things that your devices can do. It really is easy. Make an investment in yourself. You'll be glad you finally did!

Smarterphones for Beginners

Introduction to Smarterphones

Improve Your Internet Presence

Smarterphones can help you select the optimal methods to improve your online presence for your personal or business account needs. We can help you pick the best methods to achieve the goals of your online campaign.

New devices

Take advantage of the amazing opportunities that smartphones and mobile technology can provide for you today!

Are you looking for ways to use Smartphones/Tablets or other Mobile devices to improve your business or organization? Smarterphones was created to assist businesses that want the benefits of having an "IT Guy" but did not have the resources to have one on board full time. We offer customized solutions that are designed around YOUR business and how you operate.  We thrive on providing ideas and "light bulb moments" where new possibilities are presented that can really help you to do things in a new and better way. We offer smartphone and digital business training for beginners to experts in Metro Detroit to help you and your employees learn about the possibilities that exist in their hands. We also offer mobile technology consulting onsite thoughout Metro Detroit and through virtual meetings throughout the world on proven ways to use your Smartphones, Tablets and other Mobile devices to improve your business or organization.  Do you feel as though you could be getting a better return on the monthly investment you pay for your technology and cell phone company? We bet you can. Contact us and let's find out how. 248-505-4062 or

Work Effectively From Anywhere

We now offer onsite smartphone training programs for office professionals in the Metro Detroit area as well as virtual meetings with clients in other locations around the world. We can train your staff on how to improve their sales skills and remove obstacles that stand in the way to close a sale. Empower your workers to get ahead of your competition by using the abilities that smartphones, apps and mobile technology have to offer. We want to help you improve your ability to get deals done and save you time by becoming more efficient. We can also design and train your staff on a customized program to fit your specific needs. Contact us for details or for information on our onsite IT subscription service.

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