Are you looking for new prospects for your business? Use Google Maps!

In a perfect world, all of us that run a business would just start our workday and have customers come streaming in our physical or virtual doors. However, usually that is not the way that it works.  The great news is that now it has become easier than ever to find potential customers/clients that will be interested in your products and services.  The best part is that it is free to do and the answer is literally in the palm of you hand.

Google Maps is one of the most commonly used apps in the world. It is certainly one of the most useful.  It seems so long ago that we needed a physical map to find our way around new places.  Besides making it much easier to drive at night when street signs can be difficult to read, just not having to deal with folding the map up after using it is a reason to be grateful for this app. However, as useful as the directions feature is on Google Maps, finding businesses that might become customers of yours can be even more useful for your business.

The next time you use Google Maps, instead of typing an address in the search line, type in the name of a business industry that you would like to prospect. Start with the field in which the majority of your clients work. Let’s say you sell fertilizer. You might type in “golf course” into Google Maps and it will show you on the map all golf courses in the area. Click on each one and it will not only show you the address, phone number and hours of operation, but it will usually give you a link to their website too. This is the key item. Using their website you can do research on the company and usually find out who is the contact person. Some websites will give you a list of people and their specific titles and phone numbers. Copy the name of the person who is most relevant to you and head over to LinkedIn ( and do a search on them.  You will usually be able to find out more about that person’s background and what specific roles they now have at their current position. Take notes on any good talking points as you will need them later.  Next, once you feel comfortable with your familiarity with the company, have your pitch prepared and make your phone call. You will find that these couple minutes of research will make a significant change in the success rate of getting through the “gate keeper” and actually getting the opportunity to speak with the decision maker. Calling a business and asking to speak to the manager will usually get you their voice mail, at best. However, calling and asking to speak to a specific person, and then when you do talk to them having some information about their background and what they do will lead to much more successful conversations.  Just be sure to ask for their email so that you can send them a calendar invite when they agree to schedule a meeting with you.

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