2016 Apple Event announcing the iPhone 7

On Wednesday, September 7th, Apple had their annual event to announce the latest in their product line. It is always the most anticipated of all of the tech company announcements because everyone wants to hear what the latest news is with the iPhone. This year was interesting because the biggest buzz from the event was not about new hardware or a new feature that was going to be added, but rather what was going to be taken away. The headphone jack. Apple is making another of its patented moves to be the first to remove something that people had counted on as being a standard in the name of “progress”. In the presentation, they spoke of the courage that it took to get rid of this tried and true connection port and how by removing it they are creating new possibilities. The lightning port does seem like a nice connector, but there are a number of issues that will now be created for iPhone 7 users- Mainly that all of the peripheral devices that used a standard aux cable can not be used unless they are connected to the adapter. That might not be too big of an inconvenience at home, but thinking about all the places that people usually connect their phones now to listen to music (car, boat, friend’s stereo etc.) that means they’ll have to carry the small (and sure to be lost eventually) adapter almost everywhere they go. Most people do not see the value in this tradeoff. The Airpod speakers look great too, but again, it seems like they could be easily misplaced. Or one falls into the couch cushion, and then what? At $159 that is something to think about before making the investment.
On the plus side, the new processor and graphics capability look terrific. This will great vast new playgrounds for the gamers. Also, the tech world anxiously awaits the Apple foray into virtual/augmented reality, and now even more so because they will have a massively powered device to run it. Also interesting is the new ability to edit the live photos. That is a cool upgrade.
The Apple Watch is getting a refresh. The waterproofing of it seems to be a very nice upgrade. As mentioned in their demonstration, swimmers should be thrilled. The other big news is that they added GPS to the device so that runners can take it out without having to lug their phone along. This will be very appreciated. It was fascinating to see that Apple has in one year moved up to #2 in the world in terms of watch sales revenue. That is an incredible accomplishment, especially since Smartwatches are still a bit of an enigma. They have not come even close to the mass appeal that many in the tech world anticipated. There are a number of factors at work with consumer demand for these products. It will be interesting to see this market develop as the technology matures.
On another positive note, the iPhone 7 Plus (but not the 7) will be equipped with a dual camera. This has a lot of photo enthusiasts excited. Hopefully this will become a standard feature as the quality of photo capabilities that it provides are very impressive. Zooming will be a lot better and the light capturing ability will also be much improved.
Lastly, phone users everywhere rejoiced when they heard that not only would the battery be on average 1 to 2 hours better per day for the new iPhones but that the standard memory capacity would be increased to 32 GB. In an unprecedented move, the older models would also see their memory increased to at least 32 GB as well. This has always been the major gripe about the iPhone that its camera is so great and it offers so many apps that most users quickly run out of space using its capabilities. Now they will have a lot more room to work with before seeing the dreaded Low Memory Warning.
So the bottom line is-Should you upgrade? That choice is up to you. It really depends on your current model. If you have a 6 or 6S there really isn’t a huge jump. Plus you are going to have to make a lifestyle adjustment for the headphone jack being removed. However, if you want a more water/dust resistant phone with a great new processor for gaming or other more intense uses and want an improved battery life it really seems like a terrific new device.
If you do decide you want it, unless your current phone is broken, Smarterphones always recommends waiting at least a few weeks before upgrading. Let other people be the guinea pigs. Wait until they have tested it in the real world and correct any bugs that are frequently present with any new technology product.

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