Are YOU better off skipping the next business networking events?

If you’re like most of us that rely on business networking to grow your business, that idea might sound crazy, but in reality, is it?

Think about the last 5 networking events that you have attended. How many good contacts did you meet? 10? 15? 20? Sounds like a lot of progress for your business, right? Now ask yourself how many of those have you actually followed up with and done anything productive with since then? What does that number look like? 1? 2? maybe 3?

If you think about it, many of us spend way more time going to these events and convincing ourselves that we are being productive than actually following up and doing something with the good contacts that we meet. So next time there is a networking event, maybe your best bet is to skip it and spend the time to reach out to the people that you were once excited to meet and build that relationship. Instead of waiting for the other person to one day reach out to you, take the initiative and make something happen. Once you’ve caught up, then go out hunting for more. I guarantee that will be more a more productive use of your time than tossing another business card on the pile that is stacked on your desk.

Contact me if you’d like some tips on how to turn the business cards that you currently have into leads that turn into sales.

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