It’s now a connected world, but is that helping your business?

It has now been over 8 years since Apple launched the first iPhone and forever changed the way that modern society communicates. Few items in history have had a larger impact than the smartphone. The lines outside the Apple stores coinciding with each new launch were the stuff of legends as each new generation of phone offered sparkling new features. However, recently the luster of each new phone release has diminished. Most people already have a phone that is powerful enough and contains the features that they want. We have moved into the next phase of smart communication where the devices can instead of being a source of endless amusement become an incredible tool to help us become more successful.

Connectivity is the new goal of today. Not only the opportunity to have all of your devices synced to allow access to your data and other important files from anywhere in the world, but the opportunity to connect with your customers in a way that fits their unique desires. There is vast amounts of information available that can help you customize your message and pitch to your business prospects. The challenge is to make the purchase of your product as easy and seamless as possible. Avoiding breaks in the sales cycle should be a top priority. This is where having the PayPal option for purchases on your website can be key. Many people have items in a checkout cart on ecommerce websites that remain unpurchased because the potential purchasers did not have their credit card handy when they decided to make these typically impulse purchases. The interruption of the desire to own the item by forcing the customer to move their hand off of the mouse or keyboard and sometimes even leave the room to look for their credit card caused them to rethink their purchase and usually that means putting it off until another time. This is a classic example of a missed opportunity for a business. Using PayPal on your site will allow someone to simply log in with their user name and password to complete this purchase. The process is much easier for the customer and more importantly does not interrupt the thought process that they want to acquire this new item.
Beacons have a tremendous amount of potential to seamlessly connect with customers in ways never before possible and help guide them towards making a more informed purchase while at or near your location. They have a tremendous ability to deliver information in an extremely cost effective manner. There will be much more information about beacons in the following months here on this blog but in the meantime make an inventory of the ways that your company interacts with potential customers and ask yourself if there are new opportunities available that your prospects might want that can help you close more sales and make more money?
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